Budapest, February 23 (MTI) – Opposition Jobbik party on Thursday blamed Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, ruling Fidesz and the leftist parties for the planned withdrawal of Budapest’s bid to host the 2024 Summer Olympics.

The prime minister’s cabinet office announced on Wednesday that it had passed a resolution proposing that the City of Budapest and the Hungarian Olympic Committee should withdraw Budapest’s Olympic bid.

Speaking at a press conference, Jobbik MP György Szilágyi slammed the government for having “eliminated” social dialogue in Hungary over the past six years. He said the government had raised corruption to the highest levels in the country and now “completely ignores the views of the people”.

Szilágyi said the blame for the withdrawal of the Olympic bid also lay with the Socialists and other opposition parties, arguing that they had taken advantage of “the people’s anti-Fidesz sentiment” and had backed the signature drive for a referendum on the bid “based on political principles”.

He said Jobbik was the only party capable of implementing the change he said Hungary needed and the only party under whose governance Hungary could stage an Olympics “without having to fear that corruption would multiply its costs”.

Source: MTI

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  1. Jobbik, you are totaly in the wrong to blame others for the break down of the Budapest Olympic Games bid. This is down to all the Lefty parties, with their idiotic ideas of trying to gain parliament and power. Perhaps if you all thought about the Hungarian people, the country, and what the Olympic Bid would do for Hungary in the way of tourism, and also putting the country on the map again after all the upset and degradation of the past years under Communism and Socialism. The Olympics are nothing to do with politics, and should be looked at in a far different way and context. Going back to the original vote in parliament on the Games, the house voted overwelmingly on the continuation of the Games to be held in Budapest, and talks and negotiations went ahead. This Momentum group, which is one of Soror’s organizations, suddenly stepped in with a referendum count, which was so uncalled for. Another Socialist party in the making, with it’s routes in America. It would have been a wonderfull thing to have hosted the Olympic games in 2024, but now, the opportunity for now and the future has slipped away, because of a group of low life , so called politicians. Jobbik, Mszp, and others should feel ashamed of yourselves, and above all, ashamed that you are Hungarian at all. Fidesz has done the right thing, by stopping the go ahead. They have in fact saved the face of the Hungarian people from disgrace and humiliation of all the opposition parties. Jobbik, you know about that over the votes for the Quotas. You say yes in one phrase and say no in another. I can see what Hungary would be if the country was run by any of the opposition. YES, Hungary would go back to the days of Socialism and possibly Communism, and Bankrupsy. Back to Low Wages, a None Existance Health Care, No jobs, Closer of Factories. Not true??? Go and ask Gyurcsány!! So, Jobbik, perhaps you wouldn’t lead the country like Communism or Socialism, but, there is the opportunity to lead in a post-war NAZI formation, (DICTATORSHIP).

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