referendum on Budapest2024


Opposition aims for similar result to anti-Olympic campaign in referendum signature drive

Hungary's left-wing and liberal opposition parties have joined together to collect signatures for a referendum campaign

Government yet to decide how to use funds originally aimed at financing Olympic plans

"Necessary development projects must be implemented even if no Olympics are hosted in Budapest"

What the international press writes about Budapest’s withdrawal from the Olympic bid

The international echo of the decision - #Budapest2024

Radio interview with prime minister Orbán – UPDATE

Orbán: For the past twenty plus years, we have tolerated the presence of these organisations, but when it came to the issue of migration, their behaviour was too much!

Jobbik blames Orbán, Fidesz, left wing for withdrawal of Olympic bid

#Jobbik: The government had raised corruption to the highest levels in the country

Official: Budapest Olympic bid would have been ‘hopeless’ without ‘full unity’

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