Hungary beach Budapest open summer

Even though we still have to wait for the real beach season, Budapest’s sandy “seashore” near Lake Lupa awaits everybody from today with high quality, affordable prices and wonderful pre-season programs. You do not want to miss out on trying it.

According to, in 2017, investors created a high-quality beach and water sports centre from a former quarry pond. Furthermore, Lupa beach already managed to get on the list of

the best natural beaches of Europe. 

Hungary Lupa lake Budapest open
Lupa beach with palm trees. Photo:óOfficial

The water is turquoise blue, and the entire coastline is filled with white sand to create the impression of a beach. The enterprise is unique in entire Europe: a luxury beach

reminds people of a Caribbean beach

with palm trees, and the services provided there will ensure the leisure of visitors not only in the summer season.

Because of the constant developments today, there are more than a dozen different beaches, a lot of water sports are available for visitors, and there is a separate beach site for kids. Moreover, there is a gastro promenade near the lake with many restaurants, cocktail bars and buffets.

Hungary Budapest beach open
The beach opens today! Photo:óOfficial

Today, the beach opens for the third time. Károly Gerendai, the founder of Sziget Festival, said that this year, there would be more programs because they want to attract people to the lake even on colder or cloudy days. He highlighted specifically the family, sports and gastro events in May. “We invited people living in the neighbourhood and dedicated one day for each village during which they can present their own cultural and sports life.” In fact, Pomáz is the first today while tomorrow, Szentendre is going to introduce itself. Furthermore, Óbuda-Békásmegyer and Budakalász are also going to have one day at the Lupa beach during which entry for the locals is free, Gerendai added.

Hungary beach Budapest open summer
Sports, swimming, gastro promenade, cultural programs. Photo:óOfficial

He said that they prepare a very rich sports program for the season starting today with the first round of the Decathlon Beach Volleyball Cup while tomorrow, there will be an amateur beach volleyball tournament. Over the summer, there will be numerous professional and amateur swimming, beach volleyball, water polo and football competitions; and the beach even has a wakeboarding course, the LupaWake, too.

On May 26th, which is International Children’s Day, kids can attend various programs on the beach, of course, for free.

Hungary Budapest beach summer open
Water sports. Photo:óOfficial

The end of the pre-season will be marked by the I. Lupa Beach Gastro Fest presenting the place’s rich gastronomic scene. Gerendai added that during the festival, Hungarian celebrities would serve dishes for the guests. Buffets, restaurants and cocktail bars will be accessible during the whole season and in the evening hours without an entrance ticket. Gerendai highlighted that during the summer, they would regularly organise events during which they would like to draw public attention to the gastronomy offered by Lupa beach.

High season is going to start on 1 June when the other part of Lupa beach will be opened for the public with the completely renewed Bay beach.


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