Satisfy your sweet tooth at one of these five fantastic places in Budapest. Try amazing pancakes and waffles with the most mouth-watering toppings and creams. The best part is that you get to create your own dream pancake or waffle at almost all of these places.

Ahoy! Chocolate and Lemonade bar

Address | Website | Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 11:00 – 21:00

Ahoy! waffle

Ahoy! is a very cosy place near Deák square in the heart of Budapest. It is easily accessible by M3, M2+ a short walk or several midtown buses (like bus 5 or 7). Do not be intimidated by the small and little bit jam-packed space that greets you in the entrance. The stairs lead you to the guest area upstairs, where several different sized tables are awaiting you to get cosy and have a sugar rush. The décor gives a unique vibe to the place. The drinks are as good as the waffles. You are in charge of creating the waffle of your desire. On the menu, you can choose from dozens of spreads and toppings, including (but not limited to) Nutella, peanut butter, ice cream, whipped cream, fruits, and marshmallows. This place is as ideal for an afternoon delight with the girls, as well as a cosy evening with your date.

Á la Maison Grand

Address | Website | Opening hours: Monday to Sunday: 8:00 – 17:000


If you are feeling particularly fancy one morning, this is the place to go. The sparkling white tablecloths and the elegantly dressed waiters and waitresses will make you feel like you are royalty. Funzine calls the place “France’s deputy in Budapest.” Luckily, their food is as good as the presentation. I personally tried their Eggs Benedict, their American pancakes and their salty French toast, and boy can I vouch for these. Á la Maison Grand is definitely one of the most popular brunch places in the capital, and making a reservation in advance is highly recommended. It is not the cheapest place on this list, but you will get a superior experience for your money.

Bank 3 Palacsinta Bár

Address | Website | Opening hours: 11:00 – 22:00 (except Friday and Sunday when they close at 23:00)

Bank 3 palacsinta

Funzine writes that this place offers “a wide selection of heavenly sweet and salty giant pancakes.” The place is very close to Arany János metro station. You can find the regular Hungarian favourites like Nutella or cottage cheese pancakes, but they definitely took it up the notch. You can also get pancakes with mango mousse, pistachio and white chocolate cream, or Sherry-cured cherries. If you are not in the mood for sweets, they offer a variety of salty pancakes with options like burrito pancake, gyros pancake and stroganoff pancake.

Go-Free Bar

Address | Facebook | Opening hours: 10:00 – 20:00 (on Friday and Saturday they close at 21:00)

Go-free bar

Just like Ahoy! you are greeted in a very small place upon arrival, but the tables are upstairs here as well. Go-Free Bar promises authentic Belgian waffles with both sweet and salty options. You can enjoy your waffle up on the gallery surrounded by vintage furniture and décor. They do not go for the biggest sizes, so feel free to try two versions at the same time, maybe one salty and one sweet.

Waffle Dog

Address | Facebook | Opening hours: 11:00 – 20:00 (they close at 18:00 on Sunday)

Photo: Facebook/Waffle Dog

If you are in the mood for trying out something funny and unique, go to Waffle Dog. This is also a “create your own waffle” kind of place, but you will get your finished waffle in the shape of a corn dog, and it somehow works perfectly.

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