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Photo: Apropó 57 Restaurant

As Christmas time is coming soon, more and more people are trying to support the poorer ones – regardless of time investment and money donation – to make their winter holiday as memorable as possible.

Sándor Kemény – Apropó 57 Restaurant Manager in Budapest’s city centre – donates each year. However, this year, he has come up with something extraordinary for Christmas!

He decided to host needy children in his restaurant every Sunday, within the framework of a pleasant dinner.

“I shared my idea with my colleagues who supported its realisation” – reported Sándor Kemény to the Hungarian news portal Bors. “Since now, we have hosted one group. Last Sunday, eleven children and two educators visited us from an orphanage. The children were between 3 and 10 years old” – added Sándor, who does the shopping and prepares the meals after closing hours.

apropó 57 király utca street
Photo: Apropó 57 Restaurant

“Six of us participate in this project – me and my waiter colleagues. Our small team pays food costs. I made up this idea as I think fundraising is impersonal and strange” – commented the Restaurant Manager.

The special event deeply touched Sándor and his five colleagues.

“We did not think it would be so difficult, my waitress colleagues were so touched that they started to cry. It was hard to deal with the situation. One little girl told us her heartbreaking story. She said that her mother had promised to come back soon and bring her home from the orphanage. Sadly, she has been living in the children’s home for one year. It was shocking” – said Sándor.

“The children arrived in the afternoon and stayed for about two hours. They had a great time during this time with music in the background, and they even got dessert. They were grateful for the event. We tried to make an appealing menu for children’s taste – the menu was macaroni Milanese with schnitzel and tiramisu for dessert. When they left, we summarised the event with my colleagues as it was only the first occasion. It was extremely touching, and we would like to continue” – commented the mastermind.

The devoted team hopes that others will also apply for the opportunity. After Sunday’s event, Sándor wrote letters to several schools and children’s homes to let them know about this project.

“Actually, our purpose was to provide a complete program to our children, not just a meal. If anything else could be offered that makes this event even more joyful for them, that would be really super” – said Sándor, who also shared a post on Facebook, asking his followers let him know if there is any complementary programs that could be added or if they know any children’s homes where help is needed.

Source: borsonline.hu

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