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Budapest’s only iodize-salt bath revived

Budapest’s only iodize-salt bath revived

One of the most special one among the baths of Budapest was closed 12 years ago. It will soon return with new pools, a bath house and service units. It will have a total of 14 pools, as reports.

The public procurement for the reconstruction and extension of Pesterzsébet Iodize-salt Spa and Bath has been published on TED. The bath was built in the late 1920s on the left bank of the Danube at Soroksár. It was the only bath in Budapest having water containing iodine and bromine. The unit was loss-making, so the pool in District XX was closed in 2001, then the spa followed in 2005. There were efforts to reopen the complex in 2016, mayor of Pesterzsébet Ákos Szabados was convinced and supported the idea.

But what are the benefits of iodine? Iodine is a component that most of the water in Hungary does not contain, so a high percentage of the population lacks it.

Iodine is beneficial for circulation, it is anti-inflammatory, disinfectant, while bromide functions as a depressant and tranquilizer.


The old pools are getting renovated and new ones are being added. The old buildings are getting renewed and new service blocks are getting constructed. According to the plans, the process will start next spring and will take about a year. This development will provide Budapest with a new spa which will function whole year around.

According to the announcement, the bath complex will lie across an area of 25,000 square meters, while the territory of the renewed bath house is 1,200 square meters. The new building will be 4,300 square meters big.

The complex will have 14 pools in total: 11 of them indoors, another 3 of them outdoors.

The renewal will be a complex process, as it will include revetment, building a reinforced concrete structure, interior design, building engineering, electric and utility design.



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