Budapest, November 20 (MTI) – If an agreement on the long-term financing of public transport for the capital is not struck then it is possible that Budapest’s transport company BKV will not be able to operate services beyond the city limits, the city’s mayor, Istvan Tarlos, told a news conference on Friday.
“This is not blackmail,” Tarlos said. “Everyone has to realise that services can only be ordered if there are the funds to pay for them.”

Commenting on an announcement by government office chief Janos Lazar that BKV would receive 24 billion forints from central coffers, Tarlos said he trusted a long-term agreement could be reached.

Speaking about an accident involving a Spanish CAF tram about to be put into circulation in Budapest, the mayor cited an official transport authority investigation as concluding that the fault had not lain with the construction of the tram but human error was to blame.



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