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Budapest Pinball Museum is the most popular museum in Hungary and according to TripAdvisor, one of the most sought-after tourist attractions in Hungary.

The museum feels it is now time to give back something from the huge amount of love and attention that they have received thus far. ‘Sharing is caring’, so they say, so it is also time to draw attention to the importance of sharing. This is why they decided to change their entrance policy a little bit for a week. Meaning, anyone who brings some gift with them (which they will forward to a Foundation) can enter the premises for free.

Világítótorony (Lighthouse) Foundation helps socially handicapped, disabled and orphanage house children and supports the elderly living with diseases.

During the week your entrance ticket to the museum can be a new, or spick-and-span DVD disc, video game console, a comic book, building toys or other games, but you can even bring pre-packed sweets, as well. There are no price limits for the gifts, the value is entirely up to you!

All incoming donations will be complemented by our own contributions (gifts, museum tour etc).

Orchestrated by the Foundation, a group of handicapped children aged 9 to 14 will visit the museum next week, then all donation will be handed out to them directly.

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