Carlos Santana

After nine years, the world-famous Mexican-American guitarist returns to Hungary, celebrating the 20th anniversary of his album Supernatural and the 50th jubilee of Abraxas. Carlos Santana will give a concert at Papp László Budapest Sports Arena, 19th March 2020.

Next year’s concert series bears the name Miraculous 2020. The tenfold Grammy Award winner and triple Latin Grammy Award prizewinner rock legend will start his European tour in Bologna on 14th March – reported the organiser Live Nation to MTI this Monday.

Santana will perform in Germany, UK, Scandinavia, Switzerland, Poland, Austria, Belgium, Ireland and the Netherlands. The band  – including the guitarist’s wife, Cindy Blackman Santana who is the band’s drummer – in addition to the success of 1969 Woodstock festival and the greatest hits Abraxas and Supernatural, will introduce their freshly released album Africa Speaks as well.

“I feel as if I were in my twenties when I play with this band, every song is filled with energy. When we go up on stage, we know that we will touch your soul; will make you dance, sing, scream and laugh, leaving behind the daily burden”; – commented Santana on the upcoming tour.

In his music, Santana connected American guitar melodies with Latin and Caribbean musical motifs, combined with several styles including afro-pop, afro-beat, blues, folk, soul, jazz any many more. During his career, more than 90 million records have been sold.

His band was founded in 1966; their debut album Santana was published in 1969 and played at Woodstock festival. One year later, their new album Abraxas made them world-renowned, including Oye Como Va and Black Magic Woman as well – which were on the top of the charts for sixteen weeks and several million discs were sold worldwide. In 1971, Santana III achieved similar success.

As the Hungarian news portal Borsonline reports, during his half-century-long career, Santana created such great hits as Europa, Evil Ways, Samba Pa Ti, Everybody’s Everything, No One To Depend On or Maria Maria. He collaborated with John McLaughlin, Herbie Hancock, Eric Clapton, Jack DeJohnette, Alice Coltrane, John Lee Hooker, Wayne Shorter and Aretha Franklin as well. In addition to the first three albums, the most outstanding hits have been Supenatural (1999), Shaman (2002) and All That I Am (2005).

Carlos Santana comes to Hungary for the 12th time; he first gave a concert in May 1983. Before the end of his show at Budapest Sports Hall, he was informed about the birth of his son – one and a half-hour long magic came after. In 2004, the “newborn” visited Budapest as the keyboardist of his father’s band. In 2008, they performed in front of 300 thousand people. In 2011, at Budapest Arena, the musician suggested setting a sculpture for his maestro, Gábor Szabó, who taught him to play blues.


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