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Carsharing services became extremely popular in the capital since the market expanded with Mol Limo as the second carsharing service provider besides the already operating Greengo. The competition benefited both businesses, as both of them reported to have an increasing number of registrations, reports

Carsharing services are kind of car-rental services that already operate successfully in many European metropolises. Customers after having registered and paid the registration fee are welcome to use the nearest available car with the help of their smartphones. Carsharing services usually operate by smartphone applications, and customers can have access to the vehicles by typing in a code received on their phones. The service costs about HUF 65/minute. You pay for the exact amount of time you had used the car, and if you reached your destination, you just park the car and go about your business.

Currently, two carsharing service providers are operating in Hungary: Greengo and Mol Limo. Greengo has been in business since 2016, while Mol Limo just joined the market recently.

Mol Limo

More than 20,000 people registered to Mol Limo, reports The service is currently operating with 300 cars. Approximately 900 hundred people used this carsharing service a day between the end of January to the end of February. During this period, the registration fee was only HUF 2500, instead of the regular HUF 5000. Thanks to the special sale, there was a day when more than 2500 people used the service.


Greengo has been operating in Budapest since 2016. It seems that the emergence of the competition had a positive effect on Greengo’s numbers too. Bálint Michaletzky told that with Mol joining the market, more people got to know what carsharing services are. Greengo also reported having an increased number of registrations since Mol Limo started.

Greengo aims to operate more cars in the future, as well as expanding the area where the vehicles can be used within Budapest. Currently, there is a 56-km2-area within which customers can use the cars, but Greengo aims to expand this to 80 km2. Greengo also aims to have at least 300 electric cars, and the business is also open to the idea of self-driving vehicles which they believe to be the future.

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