Castle of Huszt
Aperti Film

The Castle of Huszt can be found in Subcarpathia (Ukraine), next to the city of Huszt. The former Hungarian castle lays on a 300-meter high mountain, where the panoramic view is spectacular.

The construction of the castle might have started around 1090, during the reign of the Hungarian King St. László and it was finished in 1191, under the King III. Béla. The castle was mentioned in documents only from the 1353 years.

Due to its strategical location, the castle had a rich history. It was protecting the nearby salt mines and mountain passes. Because of its importance, many historical figures of the region visited the building, like knights, poets and famous intellectuals of the Hungarian history.

On July 3. 1766 several thunderstrike lit the building on fire. The castle and its citizens were devastated by the fire.

Source: Aperti film

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