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The first charity Children’s Day event of the Vásáry Tamás Foundation will be held on 23rd May in the Millenáris, where they offer countless interesting programs to children and adults alike. The main goal of the event is to raise awareness for children living in children’s home.

Several children’s home based in Budapest are invited to the Millipop Playcenter in order to celebrate them with many exciting programs for Children’s Day. In the name of social integration, families are also welcomed to join the event so that their children could play together with their counterparts from the children’s homes.

A good time is basically guaranteed in the Millipop Playcenter where climbing areas, slides and chutes, trampolines and game machines can be found.

Besides these, they can take part in interactive games and many surprise awaits them thanks to Mol Hungary. The programs are naturally supervised.

The organizers didn’t forget to come up with entertaining and educating programs for the parents, too. While their children will be playing they can attend many informative presentations. They will have the opportunity to listen to several talks about childcare. Firstly, Eszter Fekete-Buzás, the director of Bolyai Gyermekotthoni Központ will introduce herself and the Center, then a psychologist, Dávid Szabolcsi will deliver a presentation on choosing a profession for kids and motivating them. Lastly but not least, there will be a movie screening and discussion about being foster parents with Gábor Kuslits, the director of Fővárosi Gyermekvédelmi Központ és TEGYESZ.

The entry is for the event is free, you only have to pay the entrance fee of the Millipop Playcenter.

However, there is an option to pay a patronage to the organization for 1000 Ft. You can support the work of the foundation with this donation and also the integration of children who live without a family.

The Vásáry Tamás Foundation was founded in 2017, when Vásáry Tamás, pianist and conductor started to support the organization that was known as Közel Hozzánk. The aim of the organization is to help children without a home, care for their social and mental welfare. They try to create and nurture relations that empowers the youth in a children’s home. Beside these, they also think it’s important to create a community where the children can freely ask for help.

To reach these goals they created services such as the Mentor Program.

Featured image: Vásáry Tamás Foundation

Source: Vásáry Tamás Foundation – PR

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