Demonstrators form human chain at CEU, photo: MTI

Budapest, April 10 (MTI) – The Central European University said in a statement after the president signed amendments to higher education into law late on Monday that it firmly opposed the decision to sign the legislation and vowed to take immediate legal action.

Approval of the law was not preceded by any kind of consultation with the CEU of Hungarian professional organisations affected by it, the university funded by US financier George Soros said in a statement. The passing of the law violates essential elements of legislative procedures adopted by democratic states, it added.

The CEU said that, in its opinion, the law opposed an American institution in a discriminative manner.

At the same time, the statement said that the university was ready to negotiate with the Hungarian government.


The CEU’s rector and president, Michael Ignatieff, said, “As I indicated earlier, the CEU is ready to negotiate with the Hungarian government in order to find a solution which allows the CEU to remain in Budapest, where it has operated for the past 25 years.”

“Academic freedoms, however, are not negotiable…” the statement said.

After Áder signed the law, protesters gathered outside the presidential seat, Sándor Palace, and at the headquarters of Hungarian public radio late in the evening amid a substantial police presence.

Photo: MTI

Source: MTI

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  1. CEU issues American and Hungarian diplomas. It is not associated with and American University. CEU has two choices if it wants to issue the same diplomas 1: associate with an American University, 2. issue only Hungarian diplomas. CEU did not make the top “500” universities in Europe. Have the protesters lost their mind? Why are the protesters support a traitor like Soros? I guess they are puppets with weak mind being manipulated How could anyone support a university that wastes the time of students and hard earned money of their parents? The protesters should stop behaving like idiots that they are.

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