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The Central European University (CEU) has signalled its intent to remain in Budapest after the Open Society Foundations (OSF), also financed by US billionaire George Soros, announced plans to move its headquarters to Berlin.

“With the announcement of the departure of the Open Society Foundations from Budapest, Central European University (CEU) reaffirms its determination to remain in Budapest and to fulfill its teaching and research mission in the city that has been our home for the past 26 years,” the university said in a statement on Tuesday.

CEU believes it is in “full compliance” with a new rule requiring foreign universities in Hungary to operate a campus in the country in which they are based, the university said.

Rector Michael Ignatieff urged Hungary’s government to sign an agreement with the State of New York “without further delay” to allow CEU to comply with another requirement of the legislation.

For that matter, Vienna signed an agreement recently with Central European University about establishing a new campus. According to the document, a historic building will be rented by CEU for 99 years. The private university established by George Soros also pledged to preserve the building in its current proper status.

Michael Ignatieff said that though the campus in Vienna has been a big dream, they still consider Budapest as the true home of CEU.

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Source: MTI

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