János Brenner, the chaplain of Rábakethely, will be the first Hungarian clergyman of the post-1956 era, who will be beatified – “the first beatified victim of the Kádár dictatorship,” said Attila Viktor Soós, member of the National Memorial Committee (NEB) to M1 channel.

The beatification will bring relief to the Hungarian Catholic Church. The Bolshevik dictatorship after 1956, targeted priests who worked with young people and involved in community life.

János Brenner’s first station was Rábakethely near the western border. The young chaplain was lured from his parish by telling him that a dying man needed him.

The priest was murdered on December 15, 1957 by brutal cruelty – he was stubbed 32 times, still under unclear circumstances (most probably Bolshevik criminals hired a common criminal to finish him off).

The beatification ceremony is expected to be held in Szombathely next summer.

For us to understand the difficulties Hungary has been going through since 1989, first we need to analyze life under Soviet occupation and how it impacted a nation that already had a long history of oppression dating back to the middle ages. Watch the video HERE.


Photo: János Brenner memorial

Source: magyarno.com – hungarianambiance.com

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