Similarly to many European countries, Hungary also has desserts that are not only famous within the country but all across the globe. No matter the type, flavour, texture, or ingredients, many stole the heart of Hungarians and non-Hungarians alike.

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Here is a revamp of the best Hungarian desserts according to our previous articles and Magyarországom.

Eszterházy Cake

This delicious cake does not have a single story about its origin, but this is probably why several versions of the Esterházy cake still exist. One official says that this cake was first made in the 19th century. The walnut-cream dessert and its emblematic pattern have a special place in the heart of Hungarians. It is also a famous cake in Austria.

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Dobos Cake

One of the most famous Hungarian desserts, the Dobos Cake, became an official Hungaricum last year. The delicious and iconic Hungarian Dobos Cake was introduced to the public 134 years ago by József Dobos, a confectioner. Dobos aimed to create a cake that could be stored for a long time (and so even be transported) as, at the time, no proper technique existed to keep food and sweets cold.

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Rigó Jancsi cake

There once lived a man who was the leader of a gypsy band. He was very successful in the music world; however, he became famous through a scandalous love affair and the cake with which he wanted to seduce a woman. This is the story of Rigó Jancsi and the cake that is as sweet as love.

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One of the most popular Hungarian desserts is zserbó, a crispy pastry with walnut, apricot jam, and a shiny chocolate glaze. It is traditionally made at Christmas and Easter time, but you can taste it in confectioneries all year round.

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Not a 100% Hungarian recipe, but its cult has become strong in the country over the centuries. Usually made during Christmas time, this dessert mainly contains walnuts and poppyseed. According to an urban legend, Hungarians bake as much bejgli as the whole continent bakes in a whole year.

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Chimney Cake

In the Hungarian speech area, the chimney cake (kürtős kalács) is a Szekler, Transylvanian, and Hungarian dessert at the same time. Its origin has been the topic of arguments for many years as several legends can be connected to its story. Chimney cakes are characterised by an unmatched smell and aroma and divinely sweet flavours.

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The top 5 confectioneries in Budapest where you can get the best Dobos Cake

The wonderful and rightfully famous Dobos cake is a favourite of many Hungarians, but as simple as its recipe may sound, it is really difficult to make well. November last year, Dobos cake was added to the Hungaricum Collection, and people immediately wanted to taste it again. The Dobos cake can be found in many confectioneries, but it is not the same everywhere. Szeretlek Magyarország has compiled the top 5 places in Budapest where this cake is truly delicious.



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