Gerbaud Café Dobos Cake

The wonderful and rightfully famous Dobos cake is a favourite of many Hungarians, but as simple as its recipe may sound, it is really difficult to make well. November last year, Dobos cake was added to the Hungaricum Collection, and people immediately wanted to taste it again. The Dobos cake can be found in many confectioneries, but it is not the same everywhere. Szeretlek Magyarország has compiled the top 5 places in Budapest where this cake is truly delicious.

This cake was first made 136 years ago in 1884 by József Dobos, and according to the legend, the recipe was discovered by mistake. The cake succeeded in being elegant and special, though it was not intended to stand out from other desserts but to create a massive, easily transportable cake. Eventually, Queen Elizabeth and Franz Joseph I were amazed by this dessert, and it became famous throughout Europe. When József Dobos retired, he handed over the recipe to the Metropolitan Confectionery and Gingerbread Industry.

In 2017, the composition and shape of the famous cake were determined by a ministerial decree in Hungary: “A round cake with five Dobos sponge cake layers and Dobos cake-cream between them. The Dobos sponge cake and the Dobos cake cream layers are nearly equal in thickness. The top of the cake is called the Dobos top and it is made with golden brown caramelized sugar.”


Gerbeaud Café

The secret of Gerbeaud’s cake lies in its high-quality ingredients. The Valrhona cocoa really gives it an amazingly intense aroma, which makes the cake unique, as well as slightly overshadowing the buttery taste. The top is as crisp as it should be, and the layers are very soft and tasty. If you can, you should eat it locally, as the café atmosphere adds a lot to the experience.

2250 Ft (~7€)

7-8 Vörösmarty Square

Ruszwurm Confectionery Dessert

Ruszwurm Confectionery

Ruszwurm is famous for their cream cakes, however, their Dobos cake is still worth the trip to the Castle, although finding a table in mid-February might be impossible even in the afternoon. Many tourists from around the world try out some of Hungary’s classic pastries in the confectionery.

The Dobos cake is based on a completely traditional recipe, it was fresh, and its deep-brown, caramelised top was wonderful.

700 Ft (~2.1 €)

7 Szentháromság Street

Auguszt 1870 Confectionery Store Cake

Auguszt 1870

Auguszt 1870, as its name suggests, is 150 years old this year. There are many traditional Hungarian desserts here, and many other options could also be found in their display refrigerators.

You will not regret the beautiful yellow sponge cake and creamy buttery taste.

If you want, there is a café on the upper level perfect for chatting or reading while enjoying a slice, but you could also eat your cake in the downstairs area.

800-950 Ft (~2.4-2.9 €)

8 Fény Street

In one of our previous articles, we wrote about CNN’s top 50 desserts from around the world, and believe it or not, 3 of them are Hungarian. You can find the article here. If Dobos cake is not for you, but you have a sweet tooth, then we have an article where you can meet five more amazing Hungarian desserts you might want to try. 


Szamos Today Confectionery Dobos Cake

Szamos Today

The name Szamos stands for quality. They are not only good at making delicious marzipan or chocolate, but their Dobos cake is also very tasty.

It is a tad bit more chocolatey than the basic recipe, but this is not a flaw, it rather makes it unique.

If you can, choose their confectionery at Kossuth Lajos Square and eat your pastries while gazing at the beautiful Parliament building.

730 Ft (~2.2 €)

10 Kossuth Lajos Square

DesszertNeked Dessert for You Confectionery

DesszertNeked (Dessert for You)

Is it okay to reinterpret such a classic recipe? If the result is anything like what DesszertNeked (Dessert for You) did with their creation called “Dobos dessert”, then the answer is yes.

We really like the non-traditional look and feel of this cake, and the atmosphere was also very good. It is certain that if you come by, you will be tempted by their delicious desserts.

980 Ft (~ 3€)

17 Paulay Ede Street

Source: Szeretlekmagyarorszá

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