Due to the global epidemic, Hungary’s baths and spas remained closed for March and April. However, most of them opened their gates in the middle or at the end of May. Due to the many new rules and restrictions these institutions need to follow, several of them changed their ticket prices.

Spas are being strictly regulated. Indoor pools must remain closed, and only those spas are allowed to operate medicinal pools that possess an official permit to use disinfectants for cleaning the water.

On the one hand, given that only a few pools are open, tickets ought to be cheaper for less service. On the other hand, baths are allowed to welcome much fewer visitors due to the virus, plus they need to follow stricter hygienic rules that cost a lot of extra money. Therefore, many baths operate with higher expenditure and less profit.

Therefore, decided to collect all of the spas where the prices changed either for the better or for the worse, reports.

Some baths are trying to invite more people by offering cheaper tickets, while others increased their prices to keep their heads above water the whole season.

Baths offering cheaper tickets than usual:

(HUF 200-500/EUR 0.6-1.5 discounts)

Baths that increased their prices:

(HUF 200-600/EUR 0.6-1.8 rise in prices)

If you are interested to see all the baths and spas that are open in Hungary, click the article below.

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