As announces, Chinese technological waste might be processed by Hungarian technology. This question was part of the agenda in the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry where a Chinese delegation of high rank was welcomed on Sunday. Chinese, as they claim, appraise the Hungarian professional knowledge.

Chinese investors and Hungarian ideas had the chance to meet for the umpteenth time in Budapest, with the help of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The Far-Eastern delegation arrived from the Shaanxi province with the aim of familiarising themselves with the most recent Hungarian developments and taking these technologies home to China.

Dr Zoltán Kiss, President of the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry believes the delegate arrived in Hungary with a big background in investment and serious goals.

“In my view, the delegation has had several ideas. On the one hand, they want to find possibilities for Hungarian investments, establishing an investment company in Hungary. And purchasing technologies and facilities which they can build in China, based on Hungarian ideas.”


Hungarian developers displayed their idea all Sunday on presentations. According to Sándor Balogh, leader of the Middle-Eastern Professional Department, it was an unmatched opportunity for both parties.

“Many exciting ideas are starting from linguistics and language learning to biomass power stations. Many companies have arrived to propose their ideas which have technologies pointing ahead of our time.

Hopefully, transactions will be conducted.”

At least one of the presentations was followed by signing and shaking hands. The parties managed to agree upon the establishment of an electronic waste processing industry, where housekeeping and informatics devices would be recycled.

“China is in need of environmentally friendly techniques. We had the chance of seeing numerous novelties in Budapest, but the waste processing industry caught our attention” – one of the Chinese investors said.

It also turned out that Chinese companies want to invest even more in Hungary since they can easily access European or even Northern African markets from the Carpathian Basin.

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