China faces an enormous problem: they produce too much plastic waste, and they also import from abroad. The Asian country does not only have a massive amount of recyclable material, but they also have too much non-recyclable waste as well. The situation could change for the better with some Hungarian help, writes.

Several Chinese experts have visited Győr in the past days to learn more about the revolutionary technology that converts useless, non-recyclable plastic waste into valuable secondary raw material, and energy sources. A Hungarian company, REIND Ltd. developed a new, environmentally friendly machinery that converts non-recyclable plastic waste into energy sources such as oil, chark, and gas.

The company chose to solve this urgent problem because the world produces millions of tons of non-recyclable plastic waste every year, and although it’s dangerous for the environment, there have been no solution to get rid of it so far. The energy content of these materials is huge, and it’s in everyone’s interest to retrieve at least some of this energy.

Tian Yun, the company’s Chinese partner, has been handling domestic and electronic waste for years, and it’s present in several provinces of China. Li He, deputy executive for environmental protection, said that vising the Győr base was a huge help and they are highly interested in the Hungarian technology, which could solve many acute problems in China.

The partnership was nurtured by the Hungarian Trade and Cultural Center. Sales director Szabolcs Kutasi said that HTCC had a huge role in bringing the two parties together. The companies have been having serious negotiations, because the Cultural Center could help the Hungarian company by providing the necessary information about the Chine market and local negotiating techniques.

Kutasi emphasized that this is not the first occasion the Center helped forming Hungarian-Chinese relations: Chinese businessmen are also interested in Hungarian innovations in the construction industry and in glass-making techniques as well.

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