According to, the Chinese could process technological garbage with a Hungarian technique – this was one of the topics discussed in the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Sunday. The high-status Chinese delegation said that they very much appreciate Hungarian expertise.

This wasn’t the first time that Chinese investors and Hungarian ideas found each other with the help of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The Far-Eastern delegation came from Yangchuen, Sens province, to get to know the newest Hungarian developments, and to bring these back home to China.

According to Dr Zoltán Kiss, the president of the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the delegation came with a great investment background and serious aims.

“I think that the delegation left with several thoughts. First of all, the exploration of Hungarian investment opportunities and the establishment of Hungarian investment companies. Secondly, the purchasing of technologies and tools that could be built in China based on Hungarian ideas, concepts.”


Hungarian developers presented their ideas on Sunday. According to the president of the Chamber’s Middle Eastern Department, Sándor Balogh, this is a unique opportunity for both sides.

A revolutionary Hungarian invention to be a great success in China

“There were very interesting ideas from linguistics and learning languages to biomass power plants. There were quite a few companies presenting their knowledge of prognosticatory technologies. We hope that these ideas will be turned into businesses” said Sándor Balogh.

One presentation was already followed by a signing and a handshake. The two sides managed to agree on establishing an electronic garbage-processing-plant, where domestic and informatic devices will be recycled.


China is in a great need of environmentalist technologies. “We learned about several interesting novelties in Budapest, but garbage processing particularly attracted our attention” said one of the investors.

It also turned out at the meeting that Chinese companies want to invest more and more in Hungary, because they can easily reach European and North African markets from the Carpathian Basin.


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