As the days are getting shorter and the nights lenghten, the warmth and the cosiness of our home becomes more and more inviting, especially if we have a good book to read. These contemporary Hungarian authors will keep you good company in cold November evenings.

György Konrád

György Konrád is one of Hungary’s most praised authors, his works have been translated to numerous languages. He lived through the most turbulent decades of history: he survived the holocaust as a child, and took part in the Revolution in 1956. These turning points in the history of Hungary are portrayed in his autobiographical novel ’A Guest In My Own Country’. This book gives a very personal, fascinating view of the recent history of Eastern Europe, through the eyes of an insider.

Krisztina Tóth

Krisztina Tóth is an excellent poet, who is both critically acclaimed and manages to grab the attention of a wider audience as well. Her latest volume ’Pixel’ is composed of thirty chapters, all of which are connected to a bodypart, constructing a whole body. These stories tell everyday situations, but the author discloses the tragic lives behind the seemingly habitual scenes – ’Pixel’ tells stories about the unpredictability of faith.

Attila Bartis

This versatile writer’s novel ’Tranquility’ became recognised and acclaimed all over the world when it hit the international market in the award winning English translation of Imre Goldstein. The book concentrates on a young writer’s ambivalent, unhealthy relationship with his mother, a withdrawn, once famous actress. Bartis depicts the psyche of his characters and goes deep inside their minds, exploring their corrupted relationships and troubled feelings. A film adaptation of the book had also been released in Hungary, directed by Róbert Alföldi.

Péter Esterházy

Esterházy had already acquired the rank of the greatest living Hungarian writer, and gained exceptional popularity with his readers and his critics alike. His first volume, ’Novel of Production’ marked a new era in Hungarian literature – the appearance of postmodern. His works have been published in more than 20 languages, and he had been awarded with numerous international prizes. His prose is vivid, emotional and invites the readers to its self-reflexive, captivating universe.

by Laura Kocsis



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