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Christina Aguilera posted a picture from her beach photo shoot on Instagram, in which she is wearing one of the dresses of Hungarian designer Fábián Kis-Juhász, reports. The Hungarian designer was surprised himself. writes that Hungarian designer Fábián Kis-Juhász noticed the photo on Twitter, and was very surprised that the world-famous American singer Christina Aguilera was wearing one of his dresses at her photoshoot.

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The dress

The dress Christina Aguilera was wearing is from the designer’s MA collection, and it is a very sexy and quite revealing transparent red tulle coat.

The demonised women archetypes inspired the collection, and it contains many hand-dyed and embroidered transparent pieces. The red tulle coat is one of the most daring pieces of the collection.

The designer

Fábián Kis-Juhász has been interested in fashion ever since he was a five-year-old child. He started drawing women in all kinds of clothes as a small kid. He studied and works in London, and he was inspired by famous designers such as John Galliano, Vivienne Westwood or Alexander McQueen.

The designer was very surprised when he saw that Christina Aguilera was wearing one of his dresses, he told NlCafe:

“Christina has renewed herself many times before, we have seen her in all kinds of styles. This is why I could not even imagine in what context would she wear my clothes. I was very surprised that they ended up using my piece. When it comes to superstars, stylists usually collect a lot of designer pieces but it does not necessarily mean that their client will like them.”

He is currently working on a new collection which will include more commercial pieces.

“It is not easy to create something which is special and relevant, but also saleable and attracts customers. This is the challenge in the whole thing”,

he told NlCafe.

If you would like to see more of his designs, check out his Instagram account here. If you would like to see photos from the Budapest Fashion Week, click here.

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