Budapest, December 9 (MTI) – Altogether 16 citizens of Arab counties have bought up property in the small town of Komlo, in southern Hungary, the daily Nepszabadsag said on Wednesday, adding that no similar purchases were made in previous years.

Citing information from the local mayor’s office, the paper said most of the purchases were made by Kuwait nationals, while the rest were by people from Egypt, Iran and Syria.

The property deals were arranged by a company registered in the nearby city of Pecs, owned by a Kuwaiti. It is thought that the properties are used by their owners for easy access to thermal baths, Budapest, Vienna and the Adriatic, the paper said.

Nepszabadsag added that Hungary’s national security services are keeping a close watch on the situation.


  1. I’m my opinion, the government needs to carefully control who is buying property in Hungary In particular those from the Gulf and other Arab countries. Such “investors” need to be registered and regulated.
    Wealthy Arabs in London have basically bought up whole streets and certain areas which has pushed property prices up and priced-out “Citizens” Worryingly, it’s the style and attitude that such people bring to the country. I’m from Central London so I’ve seen the impact of “arabisation” over the years, most of the “British” people I knew moved out of London to the countryside. This has nothing to do with racism, but more to to with the massive influx of people coming into an area. The “English” butchers, bakery’s suddenly became Halal Arab shops..
    Having spent 10 years or so living in the Middle East, I’m fully aware of such people’s views and attitudes, especially when in Europe. As we know with the current state of affairs around the world, Hungary needs to place additional emphasis on its security and the well being of its Citizens.
    It may be an idea that the government creates a specific tax for such foreign purchasers..

  2. It must be outlawed for non-Europians to by property in Hungary to begin with, especially from muslim countries. Secondly why can a Kuwaiti make deals like this through his own company based in Pécs. Something went very wrong in Hungary.

  3. Dear Hungarians,
    how do you find the following business: the Arabs get the property free of charge
    but then and only then if they leave Hungary in good company of at least
    50.000 Muslim migrants presently in Hungary.

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