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Hungarian shop assistants smile and greet customers more than others in Europe or elsewhere in the world, in an average, Index.hu says. These results were revealed by the survey conducted by an organization, called Better Business Worldwide, in 67 countries. The Hungarian secret shoppings were carried out by Clientfirst Consulting.

According to the survey, as Index.hu informs, 94% of the shop assistants greeted customers and 84% of them even smiled at them. They added that the Hungarian shop assistants are being kinder and kinder from year to year. For instance, only 91% of the Hungarian shop assistants greeted customers last year.

In whole Europe, compared to this ratio, 78% of the shop assistants greeted customers; however, sometimes they only received a smile – in 79% of the cases. 79% of the shop assistants smiled and 81% of them greeted customers worldwide.

The friendliest shop assistants are in Ireland: 97% of them smile during work time. Lithuania is standing in the second place with 95%, and Puerto Rico in the third place with 94%. Do not expect to meet friendly and kind shop assistants in Hong Kong and Macao; only 57 and 54% of the shop assistants force a thin smile.

With 100%, Venezuela, Ecuador and Mexico seem to be unbeatable in greeting, while in Moldavia and India, only 62% of the greet customers.

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Source: Index.hu

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