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Theoretical physicists have calculated that there is a maximum 10% probability that human civilisation will not collapse in the next few decades. Concerning this estimation, Hungarian researchers were asked about the prospects of their home country. Let us see what climate changes can be expected in Hungary and around the world.

According to the experts, humans have primary responsibility for global warming that will presumably lead to climate crisis within a few decades.

As István Bart, Head of the Institute of Climate Strategy says, in the last 20 years, the worst-case scenarios outlined by researchers have been realised. While he previously believed that only his children would feel the catastrophic effects of climate change, since 2018 he thinks it will already happen in his life. The Hungarian expert also added that the 1.5-degree warming target set in the Paris Climate Agreement cannot be met with the current commitments.

According to András Lukács, Chairman of the Air Working Group,

“we are rushing into disaster…. It is not possible to predict exactly when the disaster will come; nature tolerates for a while, and then suddenly there is a transition to a new situation – which one will experience as a climate catastrophe.”

As the Hungarian news portal MagyarHang reports, it is important to mention that increasing global average temperatures do not mean the same thing on every part of the planet. Some areas of the Earth may be affected better, while others may be less warm so that the effects may be different.

Effects in the Carpathian Basin, including Hungary:
  • The average temperature could rise by 1.5-2°C by 2050 and 3.5-4°C by 2100.
  • Due to anticyclonic effects, the number of late-spring frosts may increase slightly.
  • The region may become a water-poor country in the future, and groundwater levels are falling drastically.
  • The annual number of frosty days has decreased by 16 days since the beginning of the last century, while the number of heat days has increased by 11. This trend is expected to continue in the future, with more heat days, hot days and heatwaves. This is a significant problem as the number of deaths due to heatwaves in Budapest has risen by 30% in recent years.
  • These effects are not good for any of our main cereals. Wheat yields could fall by 8% by the middle of the century and 21% by the end of the century.

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In the European temperate zone:
  • The temperature is expected to rise in all seasons, so there will be less frost and snow in the winter.
  • It will be more and more common for summer temperatures to reach 35-40°C, and there will be more and more summer heat alarms.
  • Lightning floods can increase soil erosion, especially in mountains and hillsides.
  • Cities with few green spaces and old canal systems are expected to experience more urban lightning floods.
  • With a small decrease/increase in annual precipitation, in many places the temporal and spatial distribution of rainfall may shift to extremes, fundamentally endangering food security, but even our drinking water supplies in the long run.
  • According to data from 2010-2016, economic losses due to weather and climate extremes in the European Union already amount to € 12.8 billion a year, and could reach € 190 billion by 2090; while weather-related disasters – instead of the current one in twenty Europeans – can affect up to two out of three by the end of the century.
Global effects:
  • Entire regions could become depopulated, especially in the Middle East and South-West and Central Asia, leaving 250 million people, or even a billion, as ‘climate refugees’. This also means that large areas will have to be excluded from farming due to the placement of refugees. The process is already being experienced: according to UN data for 2018, 20 million people have had to flee their homes due to natural disasters caused by climate change.
  • In the northern hemisphere, the belts of some plants may shift to the north, but because the green zones are not contiguous, this can mean virtually complete drying up of the various forests.
  • Rising ocean levels could endanger islands and coastal cities; the 20-centimetre rise in water levels can reach one meter by the end of the century at an ever-accelerating rate.

According to experts, it is vital to manage our water resources and prepare agriculture for water-scarce and hot periods, while also being able to reduce our energy needs on an individual level and be more environmentally conscious.

Our civilisation must prepare for the changes that are expected or have already taken place. In order to provide livable and healthy living conditions for ourselves and future generations, it is inevitable that humanity will switch from fossil fuels to renewables and reduce its energy consumption as soon as possible.

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  1. Climate change has zero to do with Human activity. CLIMATE CHANGE PEDDLERS are full of Bovine excrement. Climate change is ONLY the result of solar activity and the Earths semi elliptical orbit around our sun. ANYONE saying otherwise is either a liar or completely ignorant about our solar system.

    This article is just total fear porn meant to scare people into submitting themselves into carbon taxes that do NOTHING but enrich the proponents of fake climate change rubbish.

  2. Censor much? when someone calls you out as paid liars you sure cannot stand to be exposed. Climate change is a lie and anyone with 2 remaining brain cells left to rub together know that. and DNH is a pile of horse shit. Tell Soros to eat shit and live….oh wait he already does. DNH is the excrement he expels and your feasting on it.. I can see why seldom do people bother to censor speech that tells the truth.

    DNH is not a journalistic operation it is just a bunch of media presstitutes (whores) that sell their souls to the devil to make money/

  3. The survival of mankind is dependent on it’s ability to adapt to changes that are beyond it’s control. The forces of the universe is bigger than anything we can control. We can only try to make it more comfortable to live in it.

    Jack Russel may be right, but we need to remember that in universal law time has no unit of measure, it is only RELATIVE.

    This study is a logical method of evaluating CHANGE. The Carpathian Basin has logical ecosystem boundary based on the source of WATER in the watershed. It is a concrete piece of the puzzle of the surface of the earth, that when put together can make scientific sense – which, by the way, is another reason that the Treaty of Trianon doesn’t make sense at all and should be declared invalid on the basis that the ENVIRONMENT was not considered in the decision. Hungary was way ahead of it’s time when it designed it’s boundaries to nature into the Carpathian Basin Ecosystem .
    The study is very feasible in today’s world with the use of English as the communicator with the help of Google and all those wonderful translation devices.
    May the FORCE BE WITH US!

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