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Coach Dárdai falsifies his experienced predecessors

Coach Dárdai falsifies his experienced predecessors

An unexperienced coach sets the standard for the representatives of the top Hungarian head coaches who have been given the chance to manage the Hungarian national football team. Pál Dárdai has proved how much it means if someone arrives from the German atmosphere, reported.

Zoltán Stieber’s spectacular 82nd-minute goal has given Hungary a vital Group F victory, and boosted the country’s hopes for qualifying for the 2016 UEFA European Championships by stabilizing the team in third-place.

Qualifying round Group F standing: 1. Romania 14 points, 2. Northern-Ireland 13 points, 3. Hungary 11 points, 4. Faroe Islands 6 points, 5. Finland 4 points, 6. Greece 2 points.

The 39 years old former Hertha BSC player – even arriving from the German youth football – has falsified the regular slogans, objections, and apologies of his predecessors.


Gábor Király, the goalkeeper of the Hungarian national team, talking about the new approach Dárdai represents emphasized that he had never experienced as amazing a work in the national team as it has been recently.

According to the previous head coaches of the Hungarian national team, the few occasions that the team can spend together is barely enough for them to practice anything new, or to prepare the players – either tactically or mentally – for the matches. However, Dárdai made a comment on this misapprehension saying that every national team head coach has to prepare their teams for the next clash during the same limited time. Lack of time cannot be an excuse, he added.

The next misconception that Dárdai falsified is the one according to which a massive defensive line cannot be put together in a relatively short time. He has proved that it is possible for the national team to minimize the number of goals conceded.

The current head coach and his staff also draw totally different conclusions from the analysed video recordings, than what the predecessors Sándor Egervári and Attila Pintér did. Seemingly, the previous head coaches were not able to improve the national team’s performance on the pitch, neither were they able to make a forward-looking solution based on the statistics concluded from these video analyses.

Moreover, one of the most significant progress Dárdai has achieved with the national team is that while the team tended to concede a goal – or two – in the last minutes of almost each match, now this negative trend has reversed. In the last ten minutes of the matches, the national team scored three goals out of the four they scored in total under the Dárdai era. With this new trend, the team obtained 11 points in four matches, which proves that the young coach has brought something new.

Looking to the future, we need to keep the pressure on Romania and Northern Ireland – both of whom we face in September – in order to maintain the hopes for qualifying for the 2016 UEFA European Championship in France.

Hungary’s next qualifier match will be against Romania on 4 September.

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