Zagreb, July 28 (MTI) – The condition of migrants holding a hunger strike at the Serbia-Hungary border near Horgos for the fifth consecutive day is deteriorating, a public media correspondent reported from the site on Thursday.

On Sunday 130 of the 300-400 migrants who had set off from Belgrade to Serbia’s northern border late last week arrived at the Horgos-Roszke border zone demanding passage through Hungary to western Europe. The migrants, mainly from Afghanistan and Pakistan, told public news channel M1’s correspondent that they planned to start a hunger strike in protest of Hungary’s tightened border rules. Many of them ended up abandoning the protest and left for the nearby transit zone.

Six of the migrants who continued the hunger strike have had to be taken to hospital.

On Wednesday, the migrants covered their mouths with tape and are now only accepting water from humanitarian workers.

Photo: Balázs Béli (

Source: MTI

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