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Daily News Hungary

The conflict between the Socialist Party and the leftist Democratic Coalition (DK) “is no longer a fight but war,” political scientist Zoltán Kiszelly said on Sunday. 

In an interview to public television, he said that László Botka, the Socialist Party‘s candidate for prime minister, had upped the ante at a weekend party board meeting by declaring that not every opposition party wanted to unseat the government but were instead struggling for their own political survival.

In a statement in reaction, Democratic Coalition spokesman Zsolt Gréczy said that Botka had brought about a scenario for defeat.

Kiszelly said the situation of four years ago in which there had been an attempt to freeze former prime minister Ferenc Gyurcsány, who heads DK, out of a left-wing alliance was repeating itself.

Noting that DK has only four seats, he added that the party, on the support threshold for gaining seats in parliament according to current polling surveys, would do anything to get into the assembly with its own parliamentary group.

Source: MTI

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