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Official reports stated that the earliest date of the beginning of the construction of Metro Line 5 in Budapest could be in three years, minimum. The brand-new metro line, which costs millions of euros, is excepted to bring many changes in the traffic of Budapest.

Népszava reported that in the following years, the biggest project in the life of the Centre of Budapest Transport will start, allowing approximately one million Hungarian residents who live on the outskirts of Budapest and its agglomeration to get into the city quicker with the brand-new Metro Line 5. 

Szentendre Commuter Railway HÉV
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The project involves the three major suburban train lines: H5, H6, and H7 (Szentendre, Ráckeve, and Csepel). Lines H6 and H7 would be connected at Közvágóhíd Station heading up to Boráros Square, Kálvin Square, and then entering the line of H5 between Batthyány Square and Margaret Bridge on the Buda side. This way, travelling from the south of Budapest to the north could be arranged without any transfers. Furthermore, it would be possible to get into the city centre without trams and buses while allowing for changing metro lines on the way.

The project involves the building of 45 kilometres of rails, a 5-km-long tunnel, 27 new stations on the surface, 3 beneath the ground, bridges, connections, and service buildings for vehicles.

The construction requires time and careful planning, but if it becomes a reality, travelling through Budapest would be more comfortable and quicker, and it would probably motivate more people to use public transportation in the future. Besides building a brand-new metro line in Budapest, the changing of the old vehicles on suburban railways has also come up as a necessary step.

Budapest to have a Metro line 5 in 10 years?

Over the past few weeks, there has been more and more talk about a fifth metro line. This high-speed rail line would differ from the former Budapest underground lines in that it would connect the commuter railway lines in the north and south of the city in an under-city tunnel, Pestbuda reports.


Source: www.nepszava.hu

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  1. Its a good start but Budapest could probably benefit from a total of 8 or 9 Metro lines including 2 or 3 that run into the suburbs. The only way to get people out of their cars is go where commuters are in the region. Budapest needs a regional system not just one that service the interior of the city.

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