The new bridge will be the perfect solution to ease the traffic in the city centre and to connect the two southern parts of Budapest for car drivers.

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Portfolio reported that the bridge named Galvani would be the most efficient solution for easing the traffic and decreasing traffic congestions inside Budapest. The bridge would connect the two southern sides of the city with a boulevard and connect major highways and other roads into its system. 

With the bridge, the traffic on Könyves Kálmán Boulevard and Rákóczi Bridge would decrease and become faster. Also, more people could choose to cross the Danube on Galvani Bridge then already crowded ones in the city centre, like Petőfi or Elisabeth Bridge. 

Galvani Bridge, Budapest, Danube, Hungary

The Dutch UNStudio Company won the international project of building the brand-new bridge. Alongside the many benefits, concerns emerged as well. Not only needs the bridge’s area a newly constructed road system but also central roads inside the city like Üllői needs to be prepared to connect the streets leading to the new bridge and at the same time not to be crowded by cars making traffic unbearable for people.

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It was reported that the new bridge would ease the traffic inside Budapest by 30 but even 50 thousand cars. This is an important factor regarding climate change and air pollution as well.

Galvani bridge, Danube, Budapest, Hungary

The roads leading to the bridge would be the main ones with pedestrian crossings and connections to reach from many points of the city.

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