Significantly exceeding the estimated growth predictions, the Hungarian consulting service not only observed a steady, sustainable growth in 2017 but in notable addition, also observed 2018 drawing to a successful close with the expanding market having generated revenue exceeding €400 million.

This remarkable industry performance equally represents an achievement that has not only exceeded predictions but also set recent records in this industries history.

The flourishing market has substantially exceeded the estimated 7% growth rate projected for that economic period.

The Hungarian Management Consulting Industry, which contributes an estimated 0.4% to the countries total GDP observed an increase in economic growth in the potential market on the heels of the slump in economic growth across 2015 & 2016.

Massive Potential

The expanding market is typically dominated by more global firms, like the big four, however, there are also a prime number of local firms contributing to a substantial portion of the growing market.

The local firms, made up of both large and medium leading consulting firms contribute positively to 76% of consulting turnover in this market. The local industry has also witnessed a gradual rise in the number of freelance consultants establishing themselves in the expanding industry.

Economic Growth Gives Rise To Endless Potential

More and more consulting freelancers are building and launching their valuable services in this expanding market. The Hungarian Consulting Industry has not merely witnessed steady growth but also called to mind a considerable number of potential opportunities for this key market. The steady growth in economic globalization, the continuous development, and evolvement of revolutionary technology and consistent growth in competitive startups have offered a unique number of excellent opportunities for B2B consulting and coaching services.

Growing Markets Start With Growing People

An article by stated that “10% to 15% of the active Hungarian workforce has relocated to other European countries”,

This has given rise to legitimate concerns that the industry demands and economic growth will outweigh competitive talent. Adjusting to the economic changes in the market is vital, it is for this key reason that specific focus will move to take advantage of a skilled workforce as changes and economic growth continue to roll out.

With economic growth naturally follows the fierce competition. Potential employers will not merely have to center their attention on moving forward with a skilled workforce but will additionally have to reevaluate active processes and operational efficiency to ensure they are not only performing smarter but to ensure the organization is running to their maximum ability. It is for this reason that one can assume that there is undoubtedly a vast potential for not only individuals with experience with HR Consulting Service but coaching as well.

Coaching Services

A lot firms can provide tailored services, such as working with a candidate consultant to adequately prepare for the case interview or guiding an established business to recognize, expand, improve and prepare their operations and skills in key areas of performance in their business. As coaching is based on guiding, no one size fits all packages will typically offer unique solutions. A coach will use their expertise and experience to guide an individual or business in identifying their particular strengths and weaknesses.

With the expanding market will come a number of potential opportunities and solutions. With the proper skills, preparation and planning, experienced individuals can establish themselves in an expanding market that offers a number of potential possibilities.

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