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They would like to help teachers of Hungarian language and literature by reading out the compulsory readings. Meanwhile, the First Hungarian Quarantine Theatre would like to provide quality entertainment during the hard times of the coronavirus epidemic.

PM Viktor Orbán announced last Friday that all Hungarian schools close today due to the coronavirus epidemic. The school year will continue but in “virtual classrooms” and with the digital, web-based methodology which is

entirely new for almost all Hungarian teachers and students.

However, Hungarian actors already offered their help – reported.

Andrea Fullajtár, a famous Hungarian actress, said in a Facebook-group that since theatres are closed, and actors have a lot of free time, they could help by reading out compulsory readings which teachers of Hungarian language and literature could use in the classroom.

They already created a group named “Artists for online homeschooling”. The group was created to collect all artists who would like

to help homeschooling

and provide them with a channel through which they can communicate with each other. And the initiative seems to be successful since famous Hungarian actresses like Dorka Gryllus, Anna Trokán, Nóra Trokán and actors, for example, Kornél Simon already joined it.

Furthermore, there is a google document in which everybody can write the readings they would like to hear from the artists.

Hungarians seem to be creative in dealing with the consequences of the epidemic. According to, the First Hungarian Quarantine Theatre was formed because they think it is their task to

provide quality cultural entertainment for their spectators even during the hard times of the coronavirus epidemic.

The situation is brand new because it never happened before that all theatres were closed. Interestingly, even during the years of WWII, they remained open. In the new theatre actors, actresses, musicians and other artists can meet and create unique performances. Since there are no spectators, they record each performance and share it on Facebook.

The first in their repertoire will be Albert Camus’s The plague today from 7 pm. Artists will perform for free but

everybody can donate them by transferring money for them.

HERE you can visit their Facebook page.


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