The Ukrainian government aims to follow EU practices by classifying countries into red, yellow, and green. Hungary used to be green, but as of 1 August, it is officially marked red. Data is being checked every week, modifying the classifications as necessary.


A country can remain green if the number of infected in 100,000 per capita does not exceed the numbers in Ukraine, and the increase of infected cases remains below 30%, hvg reports.

Even though there were only 2.26 infections per 100,000 per capita in Hungary and 33.02 per 100,000 per capita in Ukraine, the number of new cases in Hungary increased by 108.5% in the last two weeks, so the country could not stay green any longer.

Numbers in Ukraine

Unfortunately, the spread of coronavirus has not died down yet in Ukraine. Over 1,100 new cases were registered by 2 August in Ukraine, which now has a total number of 72,168 registered coronavirus cases so far. 1725 people have died, and 39,543 patients made a full recovery. Currently, there are 30,900 active cases in the country.

Numbers in Hungary

The number of registered coronavirus infections in Hungary has increased by nine to 4,544 over the past 24 hours. The number of fatalities remains unchanged at 597, while 3,413 people have made a recovery. There are 534 active infections, and 74 coronavirus patients are being treated in hospital, seven on ventilators. There are 7,657 people in official home quarantine, while the number of tests carried out stands at 346,962.

New restrictions on entering the country came into force on July 12, intending to prevent the import of infections from abroad. Foreign countries have been classed into three categories: red, yellow, green. Countries are divided into three categories based on their current number of infections and the moving average of the last two weeks.

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  1. If Hungary had a normal government that does not bully its neighbours all the time, with pointless irredentism and sciovinistic propaganda, such little revenges would not occur.

  2. Mario, if Ukraine had a normal government that does not bully the ethnic minorities in their territory all the time, with authoritarian and racist laws, such little revenges would not occur.

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