Research shows that the countries that depend on the imports of other countries affected by the coronavirus and, at the same time, send export materials to other countries struggling with the epidemic will suffer the most from its outcomes. 

According to ING Bank, Hungary is the fifth most endangered country regarding the factor mentioned above, which means that the country’s economy will suffer more than others, writes Portfólió. Currently, Hungary is the fifth country in the whole world which needs imports more than everything during the epidemic period.

Regarding exports, Hungary is the sixth country in the world which provides for other countries’ requests. As the state is among the top ten worldwide, its economy is seriously in danger. 

Research predicts that those countries which export to other countries where the coronavirus appeared will suffer the most. China is expected to stand back on its feet first, along with the states that provide import materials for the Asian country. 

The demands regarding the export and import of Hungary from other infected countries are both high, which places the country into the category of the most fragile countries worldwide. 

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