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Travellers arriving in Hungary from countries classified as yellow or green in terms of the severity of the coronavirus risk must pay for their PCR tests unless they stay in home quarantine for two weeks, the Chief Medical Officer has said.

Foreign nationals are not allowed to enter Hungary from red countries, only from yellow and green countries, Cecilia Müller told public news channel M1 on Friday.

In line with current regulations, inbound travellers from yellow and red countries must stay in home quarantine for two weeks, she said. A choice to get tested can be made and quarantine is not required once two consecutive negative results are produced, she added.

Travellers must go through health checks at the border, and they are given a red sign stating their home quarantine requirement which they must place on the entrance of their home, she said.

Those who wish to get exemption from home quarantine must submit a request to their local government office at a cost of 3,000 forints (EUR 8.5) and they will be given a notice stating that they can leave the quarantine to visit their chosen screening station, Muller said. A list of screening stations is available on the national public health centre website with the cost of screening specified by individual service providers, she added.

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Public transport may not be taken to visit the screening station and everyone must wear a face mask when visiting the station at a pre-arranged time, Muller said.

Test results are sent by email or uploaded to the Electronic Health Service (EESZT) system by the laboratories, she added.

People who arrive from yellow countries are allowed to leave home quarantine after the first negative PCR test but they are still obliged to get a second test done, she said.

Those arriving from red countries must stay in home quarantine until the second negative PCR test result is available, she added.

Travellers who can present at the border two negative PCR test results from tests conducted not more than five days before entry, with a minimum of 48 hours between the two tests, are exempt from the quarantine requirement, she added. Also, people who can present a certificate showing that they have recovered from Covid-19 in the past six months are also exempt from the home quarantine requirement.

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Meanwhile, speaking at a separate press event, Muller highlighted the importance of preventing the emergence of coronavirus clusters across the country.

The Chief Medical Officer illustrated the process of contact tracing through the example of a smaller cluster in Mezokovesd, in north-eastern Hungary. Health authorities and police tracked down 334 people across 29 cities and towns in three counties linked to Covid-19 cases identified in Mezokovesd. A total of 43 of them tested positive but only 16 displayed symptoms of Covid-19 and five people had to be hospitalised. Of the 334 people, 260 have already been released from official home quarantine, she said. The last positive case was detected on July 23, so it can be said that the Mezokovesd outbreak has been thwarted, Muller said.

Thanks to the way Hungary managed the first wave of the epidemic, the number of coronavirus cases in the country has been kept “relatively low”, she said. But the virus is still present, Muller warned, adding that responsible behaviour by the public could help prevent the emergence of virus clusters.

Source: MTI

  1. Global new cases of this novel coronavirus are Rising.
    Medical global statistics published highlight continual increases of new case infections, which will result in increased death numbers.
    Entry in and out of our beloved Hungary – border control and airports – must be retained to the exemplary TIGHT and high standards, that under Prime Minister – Victor Orban and his Government have in place, to safeguard us, there fellow Hungarian citizens.
    Control of entry into Hungary for whatever reason especially tourism, must be SEALED tight.
    Prime Minister – Victor Orban and his Government have competently SEPARATED the running of Hungary, by understanding the NEED to separate the Economy and Health, in there Management & Control in these challenging times we ALL live.
    There still is no vaccine available to immunize human beings against the deadly infection of this virus.
    Stay Well – ALL.

  2. Hi, is this headline correct that people entering from green countries have to quarentine now unless they get a test??

  3. Do Green Countries have to get a test now?…When did this change?

  4. Hi, I guess you meant that travelers from yellow and red countries must do the test? Travelers arriving from green list country doesn’t have to do test no quarantine?

  5. NO ONE Has been allowed into Hungary free of checks. Green,pink, sky blue with dots. The statement issued but the health department is . You can travel to Hungary BUT it doesn’t give you free right of access.
    You must show proof that you have taken a test at least 48hrs before arriving.

  6. This headline is still incorrect, Daily News!!
    Let’s edit it, please! This article is making people really confused, specially because it’s hard to find the updated info from oficial sources.
    As far as I know, there is no such thing as “Travellers arriving in Hungary from countries classified green must pay for their PCR tests”.
    It applies to yellow and red countries only.

  7. What a joke… Everything about this Covid scheme is a joke… The economy will be ruined by the fear of an invisible enemy, and what is worse, people are buying it!!! They are agreeing with it!!! Wake up people!!!!

  8. Shun mainstream fraud media. They are full of groupthink know-betters in a sealed echo chamber. Shun the fake pandemic. Try All lockdowns/border closures do is push off the inevitable until a later date. We will all get this thing, at least until herd immunity kicks in. Sweden wins. I like Orban mostly but this stupid virus stupidity is stupid. All is lost. We are surrounded by the gullible. Who take the rest of us down under the thumb of our cynical lead-us-by-the-nose masterminds. Playing both ends against the middle. Control by fear. How come I know more how to deal with this virus than Hungarian CMO Müller? Because it’s a scam.

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