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Budapest Mayor Gergely Karácsony has instructed the heads of elderly care homes to pay increased attention to observing restrictions introduced as a result of the novel coronavirus and ensure that they meet staffing requirements.

Karácsony on Monday posted on Facebook the list of instructions he had sent to elderly care homes a month ago. He said these had been prepared on the basis of experiences gained from the first wave of the epidemic and served to prepare the institutions for a second wave.

He said strict protocols must continue to be maintained for inbound and outbound visits.

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The heads of homes have the right to introduce stricter measures than those stipulated by the chief medical officer but any easing must be authorised by the operator municipal council.

Karácsony said any persons showing symptoms of the virus must be immediately isolated and he highlighted a national public health centre decree which stipulates that hospitals are not allowed to release patients unless they hold a negative coronavirus test result. If hospitals fail to observe this rule, the elderly care home must isolate the patient and ask the municipal council to carry out the test.

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He also said that elderly care homes must keep stock of protective gear and other supplies sufficient for at least two weeks.

Source: MTI

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  1. The diabolical human tragedies, that if you wish to read, occurring in the State of Australia, Victoria, a population, second largest in Australia, of 6.3 million human beings, relating to there mishandling of this novel coronavirus, in Aged Care and Nursing Home environments, is a humanitarian disaster.
    There was a Royal Commission being conducted in Australia, in progress, prior to the ravages, that this novel coronavirus, has inflicted on global society, bought on in Australia, by major failings and complaints, the way they Australia, as a country where conducting and running Aged Care from a Government / Political position.
    It will be fascinating reading engrossing reading, the handing down of the Royal Commissions findings and future recommendations that legally will be required in the running operation and conducting of an Aged Care – Nursing Home facility.
    The Lord Major of Budapest – Gergely Karacsony, has been exemplary throughout this novel coronavirus pandemic, in his Management and Control – leadership, focused on us, his fellow citizens.
    It meets will my unequivocal support, the instructions he has issued to the management of nursing homes.
    Karacsony, has rightfully “put them on notice” – operate and function as outlined and communicated, and if you fail to comply, there will be legal ramifications from your lack of adherence to the requirements, the need, of your conduct and practice, in the running and the conducting of a Nursing Home – Aged Care facility.
    Stay Well – ALL.

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