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The number of registered coronavirus infections in Hungary has increased by 43 to 4,696 over the past 24 hours, koronavirus.gov.hu said on Sunday morning.

The number of fatalities remains unchanged at 602, while 3,499 people have made a recovery.

There are 595 active infections and 69 coronavirus patients are being treated in hospital for Covid-19, six on ventilators.

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Fully 7,184 people are in official home quarantine, while the number of tests carried out stands at 360,772.

New restrictions on entering the country came into force on July 12, with the aim of preventing the import of infections from abroad.

Foreign countries have been classed into three categories: red, yellow, green. The authorities are screening arrivals and taking action based on the severity of the infection rate in each country. This can include ordering home quarantine for 14 days and compulsory testing. The government and the chief medical officer review the classification of the countries on a weekly basis.

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To avoid a flare-up of the epidemic, the government has cancelled the celebrations that draw large crowds on the August 20 national holiday, including the fireworks and the air show. The ban on gatherings of more than 500 people has been extended beyond August 15. As a general rule people must wear a face mask in shops and in public transport.

Most infections have been registered in Budapest (2,091), followed by Pest County (703) and the counties of Fejer (382), Komarom-Esztergom (315) and Zala (265). Bekes and Tolna counties have the fewest infections (18 each).

Source: MTI

  1. Prime Minister Victor Orban and his Government have been exemplary in there Control and Management of the novel coronavirus.
    We must remain – ALL – extremely vigilant as a Country, to ensure we do not see increases in daily new virus numbers.
    The global trend is of horrendous concern, and it unsettles me, that we in Hungary, appear to be getting caught in this upward global trend.
    The relaxing to a degree of tourist numbers permitted into our country, from countries of the world, are they clear as carriers of this deadly virus ?
    Residing in District V, it is extremely noticeable to me, in particular over the past (14) fourteen days, the increase of tourist numbers, from a number of countries globally.
    We must daily ensure this is not the cause of the increases we are witnessing in Hungary of new virus cases.
    We must retain rigid laws of tourist entry into Hungary.
    We know, countries of other parts of the global world, got it WRONG opening there economies and tourism at the totally incorrect time, which in cases, have left there countries economically, in a larger catastrophic mess and shambles, than they had, prior to relaxing there laws, that they had put in place to Control this novel coronavirus.
    Come to visit us in Hungary – we warmly welcome you and all BUT understand our stringent laws of entry.
    Ensure YOU meet ALL criteria of tourist entry which Paramount must be your HEALTH STATUS.
    Hungary, we ALL must remain vigilant – play our Society part, to ensure we do not witness continual increase of numbers in new virus cases.
    I remain confident, that our Prime Minister – Victor Orban and his Government daily, is monitoring evaluating referring to statistical medical data, the new virus daily case numbers., an where they are being Discovered ? Our Government, under the gifted leadership qualities of Prime Minister – Victor Orban, will, without hesitation, introduce or implement new laws – if new case numbers continue to expand in number, that puts our lives our country at risk.
    There still has not been a vaccine discovered that immunizes human beings from contacting this deadly virus.
    Stay Well -ALL in the CHALLENGES and Time we ALL live.

  2. The largest and growing cluster of new cases remains Budapest.
    Where do the tourist numbers historically gather, and base themselves, for there “experience” of Hungary ?
    Answer – Budapest.
    This applies today in ALL the Challenges we ALL have in our Lives – that Budapest – is and will remain, the principal “hot spot” of new virus cases.
    Increased tourist numbers – there movements within Hungary, noticeable over past (3) three weeks, from variation of country and cultural different backgrounds, has increased dramatically.
    This could be the cause of the number of new cases we are witnessing, in an upward trend of new virus cases carriers ?
    Budapest – receives them first, which is understandable, as there mode of transport, predominately is by aircraft.
    We must ENSURE our visitors are Virus Free – that they meet all our laws of visitational tourism standards.

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