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Photo: MTI/Vajda János

The government is extending indefinitely restrictions on movement introduced two weeks ago to combat the novel coronavirus epidemic, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Thursday.

Under the measures introduced last month, people are only allowed to leave their homes to go to work or to run essential errands. The restrictions were originally set to expire on April 11.

The government will review the effectiveness of the regulation on a weekly basis before deciding on its status, Orbán said in a statement broadcast by public news channel M1.

In addition, local mayors will be given special authority until midnight on Monday to impose their own restrictions in their municipalities during the Easter holiday, he said.

Before deciding on the extended restrictions, the cabinet was briefed by mayors on the situation in their municipalities and sought out the opinions of the police force, epidemiologists and scientists, Orbán said.

All of their reports have indicated that the restrictions imposed so far have been effective in slowing down the spread of the virus, he added.

The prime minister asked the public to respect the restrictions, avoid gatherings, maintain a safe distance from others in public spaces and look out for the elderly.

“Let’s accept that this Easter will be different from the ones we’re used to,” Orbán said, calling on Hungarians to “look after each other”.

Source: MTI

  1. A strong government and People that listen will beat this ! As a settled expat Its refreshing to see that people here understand and care. Not like my native UK. Jó egészség Magyarország! És Isten áldjon meg benneteket.

  2. Strong and Decisive Leadership and Government.
    Prime Minister – Victor Orban & his Government have displayed AGAIN the correct line of approach, in the Control & Management of this novel coronavirus pandemic, that has effected ALL at this time.
    Positive continual policy making adjusting if necessary , as we progress as a country, through what will be in fact is, currently uncharted waters.
    The leadership qualities of our Prime Minister – Victor Orban – his deep committed evidenced Passion and Love for his Country and it’s People – which is witnessed throughout his Party under his Leadership – there Policies – Ideas & Philosophies – which are FOCUSED – on us – it’s People.
    We must pro-actively act and Do – our part in SUPPORT of our Prime Minister – Victor Orban & his Government.
    This is NOT a “one way ticket ” but a committed, on board – ALL – jointly combined – EFFORT – by – US – the People of Hungary with Prime Minister – Victor Orban & his Government, to ensure there is absolute,
    over-all, – Limited of damage inflicted – Broad Sheet – upon our beloved Country of Hungary, through this novel coronavirus pandemic.
    We must BE :
    TOGETHER – UNITED – there will be absolute benefits to ALL into the FUTURE,
    by US – the People of Hungary – DOING RIGHT.

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