The question which has been occupying our minds since the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic is simple: when is it going to end? Almost every state on the European continent as well as others outside of it closed down their borders and forced citizens to stay at home in self-quarantine. In some cases, lockdowns, curfews, and other restrictions were introduced. In this situation, is there an end to the epidemic? 

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Qubit reported that just like the common flu, the SARS and MERS viruses, the novel coronavirus appeared on Earth and will stay till the planet exists. Many research teams are working on an effective vaccine or other cure, but the success is not guaranteed. 

The SARS and MERS viruses appeared before the coronavirus, and medicine still does not have a vaccine for them. 

If research teams succeeded, the introduction of the vaccine would take one and a half year. Skipping this procedure and testing the cure immediately has too many risks while the coronavirus would have other mutations as well. According to the WHO, the heat cannot stop the disease either. 

If one country stopped the virus and there would not be any new infected citizens, it would not mean that we are safe. Until the virus is present in the world, one new infection could have the power to start the epidemic once again. 

This would mean the closing of the borders again and doing further tests. The quickest ones currently take two and a half hours, but their reliability is not 100%. The only possible protection is the vaccine: the more people get the vaccine, the more immune they become and will have the ability to protect those who did not get the infection at all. 

Currently, Hungary has 2,650 life support systems at hospitals. According to the latest estimations, 5% of the population will need intensive care, which means that with over 60,000 infections, Hungary will lose the capacity to cure patients. 

Estimations about when the epidemic is going to end are constant. Some say five to six months, but some experts say one year. Other scientists estimate that after two months, the virus will not disappear, but the strict restrictions can be loosened. Another theory is that if China needed five to six months, Europe will probably need the same amount of time. 

With the vaccine, the epidemic can be stopped in 12-18 months. 

Featured image: MTI/Balogh Zoltán


  1. Remaining totally – Focused – the retaining of a Positive attitude, trustful, that through the Wonders of Modern Scientific Medicine, a vaccine/cure will be discovered for this novel coronavirus pandemic, that CHALLENGES us ALL in these times. In the 70 years of my life what has been achieved to date, is quite astounding, literally made of miracles, in what has been achieved through Modern Scientific Medicine, that has contributed greatly to mankind overall living longer and providing improvement in our quality of life. We, as a country must remain UNITED. We must Listen and ensure we Follow/Practice advice that is being excellently communicated to us by our Prime Minister Victor Orban and his Government, The directives, we the people of Hungary are receiving from the office of the Prime Minister and his Government, there is no doubt in my thinking other than they are using ALL Resources, – Listening muchly – and being guided and directed by Scientific Medicine and those Eminent in these fields of Modern Medicine. They are Focused on US – the people of Hungary. It clearly is disclosed and transparent in there ACTIONS & Response – there Priority, getting the vastness of mechanisms/mechanics to face this novel coronavirus pandemic in place in Communities/Society to ensure and be prepared, what ever way this novel coronavirus pandemic decides it’s course will be, and that we continue to operate and function as a Country/Society. We must be OBEDIENT – We must be DISCIPLINED – We must LISTEN and be Respectful of Scientific Medical Advice. We ALL are in this Challenge together and must be United – supportive caring compassionate understanding sharing with each other, that will, by Obedience and Discipline enable us to manage or maneuver our way through these dangerous and challenging times to emerge a Country that our Pride and Love is greater and deeper than when this novel coroavirus pandemic thought it right to invade our land – our Country.

  2. Hell’s about to break loose very hard, especially in Western-Europe where governments are not doing what must be done.
    Even police officers in Belgium don’t have protection.
    Give it to the summer, and the big cities will be a battlefield.
    Eastern-Europe is safe as there are no big cities with no-go zones like Brussels or Paris

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