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Taxi prices could be very far from each other at different points around the world. Some may find Budapest’ prices expensive, but they probably have not seen the fees in Zurich. However, neighboring countries seem to be much more favorable, as reports.

British used car startup company Carspring listed the world’s taxi cab tariffs. This list seems to be quite useful, as it not only includes the prices per kilometers, but it also lists the prices of getting from the airport into the city center. It is also detailed whether there is Uber in the city or not, it also shows the basic fees for taxis and the waiting prices per minute at the same time.

Besides all this information, the chart ranks the bigger cities based on the price of three kilometers of travel.

Cairo seems to be the paradise for taxi users: it costs less than 4 euros to get from the airport to the inner city, and the price per kilometer is 9 eurocents.

People in Hungary might find it interesting that

the country’s eastern neighbor Romania is the fourth cheapest country on this list,

as three kilometers cost 1.31 euros in Bucharest — at least when sitting in the car of an official driver.

Budapest is the 27th cheapest city on the list out of 80, so Hungary is in the cheaper hemisphere.

The only cheaper cities in Europe are Athens, Sofia, Riga, Warsaw, Tallin and Moscow, at least concerning the price of three kilometers. The list also mentions the most typical cars used for taxi services, which is Skoda Octavia in Hungary.

Of course there are also cities where taking a cab means that you have to reach deep into your wallet. The five most expensive cities are Helsinki, Copenhagen, Tokyo, Geneva and Zurich. Three kilometers in a taxi in Zurich costs 22 euros, which is the price of an airport transfer in Budapest.


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