According to, an Estonian smart phone application is about to relay the American company and they plan on starting soon.

The Estonian application can be dowloaded to all platforms (Android, Windows Phone, iOS) and after registration, it welcomes its guests with a message saying that their system in under preparation but they plan on introducing their drivers to Budapest dwellers in the beginning of August.

This was quite a quick response to Uber’s exit as it only suspended its functioning in Hungary yesterday. They even held a sympathy procession.

The way Taxify looks and works is definitely similar to Uber: we can choose where we want the car to arrive and we can give where we want to go. Naturally, this application is totally cash-free, you can pay after your ride with your previously registered credit card. They already have an application for future taxi drivers called Taxify Driver.

By the way, according to their Facebook page, they started functioning in 2013 and they won the “smart phone app of the year” award one year later in the Baltic state.


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