Budapest, March 7 (MTI) – A Budapest court has ruled that electronic cigarette cartridges may not be classified as pharmaceuticals, but the state health secretariat believes the ruling does not set a precedent, daily Nepszabadsag said on Friday.

The District 2-3 Court of Budapest ruled in favour of a small business that was fined by the National Tax and Customs Authority (NAV) in 2012 for selling e-cigarette cartridges without a licence to deal in pharmaceuticals.

In Hungary, e-cigarette cartridges are classified as pharmaceuticals.

The court ruled that the cartridges may be sold without a licence from the National Pharmaceuticals Institute and ordered that the business be refunded the fine levied by NAV and that its confiscated cartridges be returned.

The health secretariat believes the ruling applies only to the individual case and does not set a precedent, the paper said.



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