The inauguration of Croatia’s LNG terminal on the island of Krk is an important step forward in securing Hungary’s gas supply, Foreign Minister P茅ter Szijj谩rt贸 said after a videoconference with European energy commissioner Kadri Simson on Tuesday.

Hungary is set to receive an annual one billion cubic metres of liquefied natural gas from January 1, 2021, the minister told MTI.

He noted that the European Commission contributed 100 billion euros to the construction of the LNG terminal.

Szijj谩rt贸 expressed hope that Croatia would consider expanding the capacities of the terminal if its targets are met, adding that

LNG could then play an even larger role in in Hungary’s energy supply.

He also noted that Hungary’s gas delivery agreement signed with Shell is the country’s first long-term energy deal that does not involve Russian energy suppliers.

Szijj谩rt贸 said his talks with Simson also touched on the construction of Hungary’s Paks 2 nuclear power plant.

Hungary believes the European Union’s Green Deal goals and targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions can only be met if nuclear power is counted as an environmentally friendly energy source, he said. This is a matter of constant debate within the EU, he said, noting that half of the bloc’s member states use nuclear energy while the other half oppose it.

“The facts are on our side,” the minister said.

“Nuclear energy is a clean, cheap and safe form of energy.”

The Paks 2 project complies with all European laws and Hungary is in constant consultation with the EC during the construction, he said.

Paks nuclear plant
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Source: MTI

  1. Just what Hungarians need…More USA supplied LNG at twice the price of the currently supplied Russian Natural gas. Hungarians are already poor enough. Maybe Hungary should realize that staying neutral in the long run is a better idea. Russia is NOT the Soviet Union. Time to bury old problems from the past and do the right thing for Hungarians and source the best priced natural gas from our own neighborhood and stop kissing the backsides of the failing US empire.

  2. Time to stop using gas, liquified or otherwise, wherever it comes from.

  3. @Anonymous: Does the Kremlin pay you by the word or per published submission?

  4. Anonymous. Get over it. Hungary is not “neutral.” It is part of the EU and NATO. It is in the best interest of Hungary not to ,be too dependent on one country (Russia) for its energy. It comes with a high price and I am not talking about the price of gas. Sometimes there are more important things for a country to consider than just price of gas. As for “burying old problems from the past” Hungary has been trying to do exactly just that. for 30 years. The reason it is taking so long is due to the damage done to the Country during the previous 40 years.

  5. alhorvath, how is choosing sides worked out for Hungary? Hungary was divided after WW1…after choosing the wrong side again during WW2. Hungary was under Soviet and communist rule for about 45 years. Maybe if Hungary made better decisions like staying neutral Hungary would prosper instead of trying to recover from the last mistake. Just a thought.

    Gotcha how much did the CIA pay you to troll DNH?

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