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Voyages on the Danube were suspended for a long time due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Now, local and international cruise lines are slowly restarting their services on the majestic Danube river.

We have reported earlier that MAHART recently introduced two new boat lines to the Danube bend, expanding passenger’s options to explore the wonders of the Danube river.

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Now it seems that international cruise lines begin operating as well.

German cruise line Nicko Cruises restarts its Danube trips on June 22, operating three vessels for the six to eight-day trips from Passau, Germany to Budapest, Reuters reports.

Safety measures

The company introduced strict new safety measures. For example, passengers must take a COVID blood test before onboarding, guests’ temperature is being checked daily, and masks are mandatory for everyone on board. In the restaurant, tables are arranged to be further away from each other, and there are dividing screens between them, and there are no buffets breakfasts.

On their website they write:

“On our ships, hygienic standards are a matter of principle, and continuous checks on board are carried out as normative. The already existing hygienic precautions are even tightened by introducing additional prophylactic disinfection measures. Additional measures will be taken to ensure the minimum distance of 1.50 m.”

Cruise manager Alexander Steiner said:

“Normally, we have 90% occupancy, this year we have around 70%. There are no limits to how many guests you can have on board, so we are glad for every guest we have.”

Due to the travel restrictions in Europe, most guests currently come from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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Source: www.reuters.com; www.nicko-cruises.de

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