The majority (70 %) of the families applying for the Family Housing Allowance (CSOK) already have at least one child, the remaining 30 % of the applications are submitted by families that do not yet have any, daily newspaper Népszabadság wrote, citing Ministry of Human Capacities’ data.

According to the ministry, the family housing allowance is claimed after more than three children by 24 % of the applicants, after two by nearly 60 % of them, and after one by only 16 % of them.

In total, 61 000 families have shown interest for the financial assistance in the first half of 2016, and nearly 12 000 application have been submitted for the HUF 10 million (EUR 32 160) subsidy, amounting to a total value of HUF 32 billion (EUR 102.9 million).

Meanwhile, centre-left political party Democratic Coalition (DK) has called the programme an “empty promise”, saying that there are hardly any families that have actually bought a house in the framework of the programme, writes.

Reacting to DK’s comment, however, Parliamentary State Secretary Csaba Dömötör said that 63 % of those signed the contract had already received the subsidy.
Furthermore, Dömötör highlighted that, as opposed to positions of the left-wing parties, “79 % of the public support the government’s effort to help families with children”, writes the news site.

edited by Gábor Hajnal


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