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Photo: Daily News Hungary

Official Hungarian forint fixing of the National Bank of Hungary:

The Magyar Nemzeti Bank/National Bank of Hungary will continue its programme of upgrading Hungarian forint banknotes put in place in 2014. As part of the programme, the Bank will issue into circulation an upgraded 1000 forint note with new design elements and incorporating new security features, the central bank’s press release said.

Australian dollar 202.99
Brazilian real 81.38
Bulgarian lev 155.13
Canadian dollar 204.66
Chinese yuan 38.62
Croatian kuna 40.96
Czech crown 11.63
Danish krone 40.79
Euro 303.4
Hong Kong dollar 32.88
Iceland krona 2.43
Indian Rupee 4.01
Indonesian Rupiah (100) 1.93
Israeli shekel 71.11
Japanese yen (100) 235.14
Malaysian Ringgit 60.15
Mexican peso 14.48
New Romanian lei 66.15
New Zealand dollar 185.59
Norwegian kroner 32.61
Philippine Peso 5.03
Polish zloty 70.91
Pound sterling 329.37
Russian ruble 4.35
Serb dinar 2.54
Singapore dollar 188.76
South African rand 19.43
South-Korean won (100) 22.74
Swedish krona 31.8
Swiss franc 265.71
Thai baht 7.71
Turkish lira 73.52
Ukrainian hryvna 10.06
USA dollar 257.34

Photo: MTI

Source: MTI/National Bank of Hungary

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