Lapel Pins

Pins have been around for a long time in one form or another. The Ancient Egyptians used to wear pins; and, not only that they came up with the process of enameling.

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From totems to religious symbols, pins have been around for a long time. 

Lapel pins 

A lapel pin (sometimes referred to as enamel pin) as the name suggests, is generally worn on the lapel of a suit or a jacket. 

Though, teenagers also use lapel pins to embellish their bags or purses. As it works wonderfully as a fashion accessory and doesn’t really cost that much.

 While lapel pins are mostly ornamental, they are also used by many for a variety of reasons. These range from being used to support a cause, encourage employees, show appreciation or even as a marketing gimmick.

Businesses sometimes award employees lapel pins as a reward for their hard work, to boost employee morale.

Sometimes, it is simply used to exhibit how much a company may value their employees. 

At many organizations, lapel pins are also used to mark milestones achieved or numbers of hours worked. It may seem like a simple tool but it has been noted that employees take great pride in showing their association with the organization they work for.

Lapel pins signifying a particular country’s flag, are worn by politicians and statesmen alike to show their patriotism. Lapel pins for Boy Scouts and Girl Guide represent earning a special skill learned or social service rendered. It is to be worn with great pride as it is an honor to receive these pins.

In recent times, lapel pins have gained significant importance. It is used as a promotional tool that holds weight with many people.

It is used in conferences and various social platforms to demonstrate participation. Also, used as a giveaway at many social gatherings to brandish membership. And, to provide prospective clients as a memento.  

A great use of the lapel pin is to raise social awareness. Be it important topics like breast cancer awareness to the protection of the rights of the LGBT community. Lapel pins are irreplaceable.

But, times have changed. No one wants the same old kind of round-shaped, boring lapel pin. No, now people want it to look cute or fun, glittery to interesting. So, that is what is provided. 

Lapel pins come with extra visual appeal, with glitter enamel, sliders, spinners, and even bobble-heads. There are blinking LED lights now added to the lapel pins to glam it up.

In fact, organizations manufacturing lapel pins keep a hands-on team of designers to provide the clients with countless creative options to choose from.

This team of graphic designers helps you to design the lapel pin that suits your design needs as well as the restrictions of your pocket. And, that too is done with no extra charge to the bill.

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