Ukraine military conscription Hungarian
The youth are currently waiting to be transported to a military training camp.
Based on local news outlets, Ukrainian authorities took two young Hungarians by force from the international railway border crossing of Csap/Csop because they wanted to conscript them in the Ukrainian army fighting a war in the Eastern part of the country since 2014.
According to KárpátHír, the Hungarian youth are from Nagydobrony, a village in the multilingual and multiethnic Transcarpathia having an ethnic Hungarian majority and they wanted to travel to Hungary by train. However, they got stuck during the passport check.

According to the local Hungarian news outlet, one of the Hungarians gave a Hungarian passport to the border guards (many Transcarpathian Hungarians obtain Hungarian citizenship, too); however, the authorities did not care. At the moment, the two boys are waiting somewhere in the military district of Ungvár/Uzhhorod

to be transported to one of Ukraine’s military camps.

KárpátHír wrote that in the last few weeks there have been man reports that Ukrainian authorities tried to conscript young people by force in many parts of Ukraine. For example, in Kherson, a seaport inhabited by Russians and Ukrainians, military officials tried to deliver drafts to the workers of a ship factory at its entrance – reported.

As it is showed below in video uploaded on Facebook, Ukrainian soldiers appeared at the entrance of the factory accompanied by police officers and announced that they will deliver drafts:

Source: Karpathír,

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