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A 53-year-old man collapsed on the street. The paramedics could not save his life when they arrived. Investigation shows that the dead man must have been lying on the pavement for more than three hours.

A dead man was lying on the street for hours in Budapest, District XI. He was spotted near the junction of Fehérvári Street and Október 23 Street. reported that one of their readers sighted the body at 1pm, but he was still lying there at 4pm.

The police marked the scene as a restricted area and guarded it, but the corpse was visible for the passengers.

Budapest Police Headquarters claimed that the case was reported at 12:51. The 53-year-old man collapsed on the street, and though the ambulance arrived there in a couple of minutes, they could not save his life. The only thing they could do was to declare him deceased.

The police stated that no procedure was initiated, as the man died of natural causes.

First, the police did not give any explanation why the man was not taken away for such a long time. Then they stated that the transportation of the body is the responsibility of the investigating doctor in cases of natural death.  The doctor initiates the examination within the determined time period. In this case, the police ensures that the investigation of the body goes uninterrupted.

According to this explanation, the corpse was lying there for hours only because of the investigation process.

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